Water Exercise Classes

We feature the following water exercise classes for our members:

Aqua Chi: Warm water class using slow focused movements, combined breathing, and soothing music.

Aqua Pilates: By using the body’s “powerhouse” core muscles in a controlled flowing manner, exercises will be performed in the shallow water. Emphasis will be on core strength, flexibility, and balance.

Aqua Zumba: Anyone who wants to get a complete workout in half the time:  by working out in the water with AQUA ZUMBA set to Latin music, the participant will work on aerobic endurance, muscular resistance, flexibility and joint mobility, all at the same time.

Arthritis ROM (Reach Out and Move): Warm water exercise program designed for individuals with arthritic limitations.

Cardio Blast & Strength Conditioning: Shallow water moves designed to challenge your speed, agility, and power while blasting away calories and stress!

Deep Water Interval Training: This high-energy class combines intense aerobic intervals with effective strength moves.

Fibromyalgia/Arthritis ROM: Invites all types of muscular and joint conditions to the warm water for some gentle range of motion, muscle strength building, and light cardio exercises.

Deep Water Bootcamp:  Be prepared for anything sprints, jumping jacks, push-ups… anything goes.

Power Walking Combo: This shallow water workout is great for building cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength.

Power Walk /Tabata: This class combines high intensity walking exercises with high intensity interval training with Tabata.  The Tabata training methods are as follows:  8 sessions or rounds that are 4 minutes long with 20 seconds of intense training with 10 seconds of rest.

Shallow Water Interval Training: A fun way to maximize your calorie burn! This class combines high intensity aerobic intervals with effective strength moves.