MindBody Classes

We offer a wide array of MindBody group exercise classes to our members:

  Early Morning Yoga:  Pose modifications make all levels welcome.  Begin your day feeling energized, yet calm.

Gentle Yoga: Practices body awareness, breathing, postures, visualization, relaxation and meditation. These elements are combined to develop strength and flexibility of the body, mind and spirit.

Intermediate Yoga: This class covers yoga poses and their variations more in depth than the other yoga classes and includes challenging poses that may be held longer to further increase strength, balance, and flexibility.  Previous yoga practice is recommended for this class.

Just Stretch: Improve your flexibility, move better and risk fewer injuries by just stretching.

Progressive Mat Pilates: Focus will be on using the body’s “powerhouse” core muscles in a controlled flowing manner. This class provides all fitness levels–beginner to advanced.

Power Yoga:  Vinyasa-style class that really moves, providing a safe aerobic, strength, and flexibility workout. Recommended for intermediate to advanced students.

Strength & Balance:  This class will focus on balance and strengthening exercise for specific muscle groups.

Tai Chi :  Combines Tai Chi movements with a variety of fitness challenges to strengthen both mind and body.

Tai Chi Forms:  Different forms of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, with main focus on Yang style form and technique.

Yoga For All:  This yoga class will be taught accommodating all levels of yoga practices.

Yin Yoga:  This class uses floor poses to open the energy channels within the body.  Holding poses for 3-5 minutes allows energy to nourish the organs, joints, and connective tissue of the body.  Come experience the benefits of long, slow stretches and focused breathing.