Land Exercise Classes

We offer the following land exercise classes for our members:

All Step:  An “all cardio” class using the step.

Bike, Core & More:  This class incorporates many cardio/strength combinations that will really increase the intensity the workout.  The format will be 15 minutes of Power Pacing, 15 mintues of core work and 15 minutes of Bootcamp drills. 2-day prior sign-up is required for this class.

Bootcamp:  Basic calisthenics exercises done in a group format.  Challenge your fitness level with this class.

Butts & Gutts:  This 30-minute class will focus on strengthening the glutes and abs.

Cardio/Kickbox Combo:  is a combination of traditional cardio exercises with some kickbox drills mixed in.

Circuit challenge:  Cardio moves alternating with strength moves.  This class is held on the fitness floor.

Kick, Punch & Crunch:  This class begins with a basic but intense kickbox segment with powerful cardio intervals.  Finish by firming your abs with a huge vraiety of exercises and equipment.

Lite-N-Low: Aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercises for beginners and the active older adult.

Piloxing:  This class uniquely blends the power, speed, and agility of boxing with the beautiful sculpting and flexibility of Pilates.  It is a fat-torching, muscle-sculpting, core-centric interval workout guaranteed to whip you into shape.

Power Pacing:  This group cycling class is for all levels of fitness.  Make sure to sign up at the front desk up to two days ahead of time – and bring a water bottle!

Powerflex:  This class is a total body weight training workout geared toward all fitness levels.

Senior Circuit:  Strength and cardio workout for mature adults using fun exercise stations.

Sports Conditioning: Combining sport, interval, and strength segments.

Step Circuit:  This class alternates step moves with strength exercises.

Tabata:  is a high intensity training or high intensity interval training class. The Tabata training methods are as follows:  4 minute long, 20 second intense training…10 seconds of rest….total of 8 sessions or rounds.

Xtreme Pump & Xtreme Pump Plus:  These classes give you a challenging strength workout featuring “muscle overload” cardio intervals.

Zumba: Zumba combines salsa, flamenco, and belly dancing in a fun, energetic class.

Zumba Gold: is a series of fitness programs specifically designed to take the exciting Latin & international dance rhythms created in the original ZUMBA program and bring them to the active older adult, the beginner participant and other special populations that may need modifications for success.