Sara Pankonin, Fitness Hero

A native of northern Minnesota, Sara Pankonin has been an active, athletic, teamsport person since her childhood. She joined AMFC — her “place of balance” — 2007. Sara left her full-time job as a civil engineer to be home with their sons, Chase (1), Bret (5) and Tyler (7). Because it’s so close to their home, they are able to walk to AMFC where she challenges herself with well-rounded workouts knowing her kids are happy, engaged and safe at FitKids. […]

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Reina 2 10 2014

Reina Parker, Fitness Hero

Reina Parker has been an AMFC member since November of 2013.  Over this last year, she’s averaged 10 monthly workouts, or a bit over 2 and a half workouts per week, with up to 3 or 4 workouts per week more recently.  That track record represents a commendable commitment to health and fitness for anyone.  But Reina’s consistent, ongoing commitment is not only commendable, it’s absolutely inspiring and humbling when you have the opportunity to know more about her journey […]

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Turkey Burn

Turkey Burn’s Back!

  Talk to the Fitness Specialists to get the scoop on this year’s Turkey Burn taking place beginning November 1.  Do you see a new T-shirt in your future?  You could be a Turkey Burn Winner! It’s gonna be HOT!

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